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Drums reinvented

Wizzdrum is a revolutionary new drum concept, designed for the ultimate sound based on an acoustic drum kit. Designed from scratch the drum kit is completely reinvented. Almost all existing problems concerning regular drum kits are solved. Above all this Wizzdrum opens up a new world of sound by use of electric amplifying, looping and electronic sound effects.


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Use the Wizzdrum the way you like!

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Create your own sound

  • Acoustic
  • With electric amplification
  • With sound effects and looping
  • New playing techniques
  • Performing standing up or sitting down

Complete and quiet

  • All components a drum kit needs to have.
  • Little space needed on stage or in your home.
  • Playing at home without disturbing the neighbors; acoustic or electric with headphones.
  • Prevents hearing damage
  • No rehearsal room necessary.

Easy and transportable

  • It all fits in 1 bag of 50 x 40 x 40 cm, weighing just 19 kg (transportable by bicycle).
  • Mounted and demounted in only 7 minutes.
  • Rehearsals, gigs and travel made easy.
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