Interested in buying a Wizzdrum?

  • The Wizzdrum concept is basically build up as a stand with standard connections to the drum elements. The stand is always the same. The drum elements can be chosen independently. You can also replace elements later.
  • For the Wizzdrum we selected drum elements that create the ideal sound.  These elements are balanced in sound level and the dimensions of the components are smartly chosen with packaging and transportability in mind. All drum elements are provided with Remo heads.
  • All kits include cymbals, microphones and mixer, as well as the bag to carry your Wizzdrum anywhere you want.
  • The Wizzdrum can be expanded with extra percussion elements and features for electronic effects.
  • All prices ex VAT (differs per country) and ex shipping costs.
  • Expected delivery time 3-4 weeks from order date, ex transportation time.
  • The Wizzdrum is by default set-up for right-handed people. If you are a left-handed person please mention this at the notes field of  the order form.
  • By clicking on the button below (Order now) you’ll find an order form in which you can set up your Wizzdrum. Please don’t hesitate to click on it. In this order form you’ll be able to change the set up and see what the consequences are for the price and delivery time. Your order will only be processed after you’ve confirmed it in the order form.
  • After ordering we contact you to tune the order to your satisfaction.


Basic kit

k.3.0025_1.2 Includes:

  • Stand
  • Bass (13″) and snare drum (8″) with Remo heads
  • Hi-hat operation system
  • Hi-hat cymbals (14″)
  • Splash cymbals (10″ and 6″)
  • Two roto-toms including mounting system with Remo heads
  • Two condenser microphones with mounting system and cables
  • Mixer with power supply
  • Bag

Price: € 950,- ex VAT

Consumers from EU pay 21% VAT

Professional kits


For the ultimate sound we selected high-end drum elements that replace the basic elements:

  • Bass and snare drum handmade by one of the best Dutch custom builders, as shown in the  picture. Extra price € 615,- ex VAT including Remo heads
  • Replace cymbals by top quality cymbals from Zildjian (see picture). Extra price € 425,- ex VAT.
  • Wizzdrum without cymbals. Price decrease € 125,- ex VAT.
  • Mixer with 48V phantom power supply and AUX send and return. Extra price: € 30,- ex VAT


  1. Transport trolley for the bag
  2. Extra roto-tom with Remo head and mounting system
  3. Extra bell on the cymbals
  4. External drum silencer for the bass drum
  5. Damper pads
  6. Woodblock on hi-hat handle
  7. Sticks bag
  8. Stool, especially selected for the Wizzdrum
  9. Irig
  10. Irig Midi
  11. Iphone clamp
  12. Ipad clamp
  13. IK multimedia blue board
  14. Stompbox with onboard loopstation for sound effects including connection cables
  15. Expression pedal for sound effects
  16. Black powder coated stand. Extra price: on demand
  17. Gewa concert mallets
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