The fastest way to find out what the Wizzdrum is all about is by checking these videos. Be inspired by the amazing sounds you can get out of this instrument shown by some creative and skilled drummers who have already explored some of its possibilities!

Video 1

Demonstration of the revolutionary Wizzdrum by Kim Weemhoff. Recorded at Warning Studios in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2013. Kim Weemhoff is one of the top drummers in the Netherlands and well respected in the Jazz scene.

 Video 2

The Wizzdrum demonstrated by Wouter Hietkamp (inventor of the Wizzdrum) at Studio Multi Acoustics in The Hage, The Netherlands. This video shows only a small part of the infinite possibilities of the Wizzdrum in both acoustic and electric settings.

Video 3

Playing techniques and basic grooves for The Wizzdrum demonstrated by Wouter Hietkamp. Different types of grooves are shown, including base grooves (with variations), Bossa nova, 6/8, 7/8, Disco, Funky, Shuffle and rudiments. Audio from the included microphones.

Video 4

The first time live with the Wizzdrum in de Twee Spieghels in Leiden (The Netherlands). At the beginning of the video with Wouter Hietkamp (the inventor of the Wizzdrum) together with Gisen in an acoustic setting and then Martijn Groen in an amplified setting showing the possibilities of the Wizzdrum in a Live-setting.

Video 5

The Wizzdrum played by Kim Weemhoff in a small band setting in Haarlem (The Netherlands). On guitar: Wouter Hietkamp, on Bass: Martijn Groen and sound scapes by Vijay Weemhoff.

Video 6

Drum performance of three Wizzdrums during the Drummarathon for 3FM Serious Request 2013 in Berlicum, The Netherlands. The Wizzdrum played by the inventor; Wouter Hietkamp, Coen Blokx and Tonn van de Veerdonk, both drum teachers at drum school Rhythm Impact in Berlicum.

Video 7

Drum performance by Danique Kos in Leusden, The Netherlands 2014. Playing the Wizzdrum live on stage for the first time, with Max Warmerdam on guitar and Karel Haker on bass.

Video 8

A demo video from ‘Wizard’ Koen Wijnen, exploring the use of sound effects on the Wizzdrum! Have you ever heard a drum kit sound like this? Keep ‘m coming Koen, looking forward to your next creations!