About the inventor

The Wizzdrum is invented and developed by  Wouter Hietkamp (1975), MSc. Technology and Management and living in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

He has had a passion for drums and drumming his whole life and bought his first drum kit from the money he earned as a newspaper boy. Wouter learned to play the drums (and the guitar) himself and has written some songs of his own.

For about 15 years he had been thinking about redesigning the drum kit before he finally found the ultimate set up. The main reasons for his continued search for solutions were the big problems a drummer has to deal with: (1) heavy sound level, (2) a lot of space (and time) needed for set up, (3) difficult and time consuming to transport and (4) complex to amplify. These problems needed to be solved but without losing the unique acoustic sound and touch of a drum kit.

It all resulted in creating a compact and light weight drum kit with a high quality acoustic sound but with a much lower sound level. He then added the connection to the electrical capabilities like amplifiers and sound effects simply by placing two small microphones and a simple mixer. By this he created a whole new way of using the drum kit in both acoustic and electric settings. The Wizzdrum therefor has the best of both acoustic and electronic drum kits.