Easy, Quiet and Transportable

Easy, Quiet and Transportable

  • The Wizzdrum is built for drummers and percussionists who want to play on their own instrument any time any place. To make this possible it needed to be compact and lightweight, quiet and easy to set up.
  • You can play the Wizzdrum at home without disturbing the neighbors or the risk of hearing damage. Play it acoustically or with headphones.
  • The Wizzdrum can be packed in a single bag of about 40*40*50 cm. The total weight of the Wizzdrum (including all the hardware, the cymbals and the microphones and mixer) is only about 19 kilo’s.
  • Because of this the Wizzdrum can be transported on foot or by bike, making it very easy to bring your own instrument to rehearsals and gigs.  With a small trolley on wheels, walking will be easy.
  • Once you´ve created the perfect set up for your Wizzdrum building up and breaking down will only take about 7 minutes. It’s simply putting in or taking out of elements, without making any adjustments. The whole set-up is worked out to make it as easy as possible. These characteristics will help you save a considerable amount of time and energy compared to bringing a regular drum kit to the site.
  • The Wizzdrum is fully symmetrical. This means, that it is equally suited for both right and left-handed persons. You can simply change the settings of the memory locks to make it fit for you.
  • Once the Wizzdrum is built up it can be easily moved by a single person, making it possible to set up your drum kit before getting on stage with it. It truly is ´plug and play´.
  • Furthermore the necessary amount of space for the Wizzdrum is only a third (or less) of the amount of a regular drum kit. Even the smallest of stages will be big enough for you and your Wizzdrum and by performing standing up the drummer will have a much more significant part in the total band performance.
  • All these things combined make the Wizzdrum the ultimate instrument for any drummer or percussionist, especially if you consider the other great benefits of the Wizzdrum which are described in ‘Creating your own sound‘.
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High quality and affordable

The Wizzdrum is comprised of high quality components and – thanks to its compactness – very affordable.

Compact and Complete

  • The Wizzdrum has all components a drum kit needs to have.
  • Little space is needed on stage or at home.
  • The Wizzdrum is easily positioned (plug and play).