What is the Wizzdrum?

The Wizzdrum is a revolutionary new drum concept, designed for the ultimate sound based on an acoustic drum kit. It is a design from scratch in which the drum kit is completely reinvented. Within the concept almost all existing problems concerning conventional drum kits are solved. Above all you can create a surprising new sound by amplification and the use of foot-operated sound effects (delay, reverb and more) and live looping. It’s unbelievable to hear what you can produce with this small instrument!

The name Wizzdrum refers to ‘Wizard’ (magic) and  ‘Whisper’ (low sound level).

The Wizzdrum fits in a single small bag, is lightweight (about 19 kilo’s), is mounted (and demounted) in about 7 minutes and can be played both acoustically and electrically. One of the unique features of the concept is that the drummer doesn’t need his feet for playing the drum kit. Instead of using his feet for operating the bass drum and hi-hat pedals, the feet can be used for operating sound effect stompboxes, percussion elements or midi-controllers. This makes it possible to dynamically use sound effects while playing, as well as live looping or whatever it is you want to do with your feet.

When the Wizzdrum is played acoustically the sound level is comparable to the sound level of other acoustic instruments like guitar, piano and vocals. This means that rehearsals can be planned and located much easier (playing in your home is possible) and that damage to the hearing (a common problem amongst drummers) is no longer an issue. Furthermore the neighbors of a drummer will have a lot less reason to complain about the sound level, making it possible to rehearse a lot longer and more regular.

A patent for the Wizzdrum is currently pending and the trademark Wizzdrum is registered. After this was done the concept was shown to the public. Several drummers – amongst them some of the top drummers in the Netherlands – have shown great interest in this new drum concept. There is no question this concept will be a major breakthrough in the development of drumming and drum playing techniques. It’s possible this new development will even change the course of music in general as was seen shortly after the introduction of the electric guitar in the 50’s.


The hi-hat of the Wizzdrum is operated in a different way than the conventional drum kits. De cymbals of the hi-hat are closed in the standard position and can be opened by pushing the handle slightly with your little finger (see picture above).

The bass drum is played by stick. Therefore it is also possible to play a roll with two sticks on the bass drum, which is impossible on conventional drum kits (without a double bass pedal).

A loopstation will give you the opportunity to make loops of the base groove. This can even be done upfront for all the pieces of music that your band is going to play (simply store it in the memory of your loopstation). This way the band will always play in the correct tempo with their own original sound. By using a loopstation while you play an incredible richness of rhythmic sounds can be built up by a single drummer. The possibilities are endless and will amaze you and your audience!

As you can see the Wizzdrum has amazing characteristics and almost endless possibilities. Go create your own magic!