Use it the way you like

Use it the way you like


  • On the same level as vocals and acoustic guitar so the whole band can play acoustic with rhythm support


  • Easy to amplify by 2 microphones because of compact placing
  • The Wizzdrum is suitable for every sound level, also for large venues

With sound effects

  • Brings drums into a whole new dimension
  • By adding sound effects (reverb, delay and others) a new sound will arise (compare the revolution in music after the introduction of the electric guitar)
  • Foot-operated sound effects
  • Looping while you play
  • Smartphone and wireless blue board for controlling sound effects, recording and playing along with music

New playing techniques

  • Greater speed because the components are closer together
  • Play the bass drum with both hands
  • The Wizzdrum can be played both sitting down and standing up, making your performance even more active
  • The Wizzdrum can be played with 2, 3 or 4 sticks

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With loopstation and stompbox                       With smartphone and blue board