Wizzdrum versus Cocktail set

By comparing the Wizzdrum to the existing Cocktail kits the unique functionality and features of the Wizzdrum can be made clear. The Tama Cocktail kit that was recently launched on the market (see picture below) is used to make a comparison between the two concepts.

This year both instruments were reviewed by the Slagwerkkrant (nr. 180 march/april 2014); an influential magazine for drummers and percussionists in the Netherlands.


Technical differences

The basic feature of the Wizzdrum is a good acoustic sound. This acoustic sound distinguishes it from the electronic drum kits and the low-end acoustic kits on the market. Although the elements of the Wizzdrum are small, the quality of the sound is still very good according to the opinion of the Slagwerkkrant. In quality of sound the first difference is made between the Wizzdrum and the also reviewed Tama Cocktail set. According to the Slagwerkkrant the quality of the sound of the Tama cocktail set is relatively low because of the use of low-end heads. The Wizzdrum is equipped with high-end Remo heads which (accompanied by good tuning) is responsible for at least 70% of the quality of the sound.

Some other differences are:

  • The Wizzdrum has an included complete cymbal set containing a 14″ hi-hat and two splashes (10″and 6″) of decent quality (Meinl, Stagg); the Tama Cocktail kit doesn’t include cymbals
  • The hi-hat of the Wizzdrum can be operated by a handle while playing. The hi-hat in the Tama cocktail kit is either closed or opened and can’t be operated during playing. Of course it will take some to time to learn the technique to use the handle during playing, but on the Frankfurter Messe a lot of drummers quickly learned how to use it properly. The video “Exercises” on our website shows examples of how to integrate the use of the hi-hat handle in your playing. Because the hi-hat is played closed in more than 80% of the time it is convenient that the basic position of the hi-hat is closed and you use the handle only to open the hi-hat if necessary.
  • The Wizzdrum includes 2 condenser microphones, 2 microphone clip-ons, XLR cables and a small mixer for amplification. This mixer can also be used to connect other sound inputs like an Ipod or a stereo and has a connection for a headphone. Playing along with music (during practice) is therefore very easy.

By pricing these differences mentioned above the “price gap” with the Tama Cocktail kit is already more than closed.


However the Wizzdrum concept comes with a number of other advantages that will even further distinguish it from the Cocktail set and conventional drum sets. These “extra benefits” are summed up below.

The Wizzdrum is designed to accomplish 4 goals in one concept:

  • Low and controllable sound level (practicing without problems at home or with other acoustic instruments like guitar, vocals or piano)
  • Good acoustic sound quality
  • Easy amplification
  • Easy transport and quick set up

The cocktail sets in general (including the Tama Cocktail kit) are solely compact drum kits  with the same problems in sound level as conventional drum kits. The cocktail sets aren’t as easy to amplify as the  Wizzdrum.

  • The low sound level of the Wizzdrum is accomplished by small elements, damping and manual playing, creating a very controllable way of playing and avoiding contact sound that is inevitable if you need to use a foot pedal for the bass drum or hi-hat.
  • The amplification of the Wizzdrum opens up the possibility to use sound effects and/or a loopstation, which is relatively new in the drummers world. The sound effects can also be controlled while playing with the ‘free’ feet.
  • All elements of the Wizzdrum are situated very close to each other and therefor can be played by both hands, even without using sticks. This opens new possibilities in playing techniques and the opportunity for great virtuosity.
  • The Wizzdrum can be played both standing up and sitting down. You need only very little space. By playing standing up the (Wizz)drummer gets a different role in the band. This creates more opportunities for performance and connecting to the other band members and the audience. By using a cocktail set the drummer is much more restricted to his position because of the use of a foot pedal for the bass drum.
  • The Wizzdrum can be fully mounted on the side of the stage and then easily moved to the correct position on stage. Just plug in the two XLR cables in the PA (if necessary) and start playing. This is truly plug and play!
  • The Wizzdrum can be mounted in any preferable height and can be played by any person between 5 and 95 years old. Right or left handed playing of course is no problem at all.
  • The Wizzdrum is fully mounted and operational within 7 minutes because of the clever design with memory locks that helps you repeat the same position of the elements over and over again. And because of its handy and compact packing you can easily bring your own instrument anywhere any time.
  • The Wizzdrum fits in a single bag that is transportable by bike and weighs less then 20 kilos.


We hope that – by mentioning these differences and advantages of the Wizzdrum versus the cocktail set (and conventional drum kits) – we made clear that the Wizzdrum truly is a new invention that can be of great significance for the world of drummers and percussionists. Early adapters can lead the way and give their carriers a boost! Besides from that they will be able to practice more often, for longer periods of time and from a younger age.